Lonesome and Penniless Cowboys plus West on Colfax

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Saturday, October 6, 2018 - 8:00pm

The Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys Plus West on Colfax

Jezebel Music are delighted to welcome The Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys back to The Cedar Room (the room above Fred's Ale House) for another night of raucous country music. Very special guests this time are West On Colfax.

The Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys

In the dark and dismal early 80s, before you were born and when Britain was still in black and white, 3 men had a vision, a dream and indeed a calling. Somehow, The Thin Man, Clive Mellor and Mog decided it was their life's vocation to make people love country music.

Since the rebirth of The Cowboys at the start of 2013, things have been eventful to say the least, they've played in a cave, a Lad's club and a Tiki Bar. The band owned The Kings on Sunday nights and the Klondyke on Thursdays. They dressed in style for Clive and Hazel's wedding, soundtracked a short film at Sounds From The Other City and even made it over to Sheffield. Along the way they also managed to pick up some fine auxiliary Cowboys and had some very special friends playing along.

West On Colfax

North Western blend of alt-country rock, has a warmth to it. Borne from road-worn voice of Alan Hay. Tales of love, life and hard lived lives but with hope.

West on Colfax started life from members of an Americana covers band, who decided to write original material and see where it took us.

Tickets £6